Top 5 Tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer Garden Party

Thinking of hosting a summer garden party? We love a good garden party and here are our tips for making your party bounce. Summertime is fun, and although COVID has put a damper on social gatherings, things finally starting to look up. Throwing a small garden party for family and close friends in LA can seem like a simple affair, but it can go wrong if not properly thought out. Whether it’s a double date with two friends or a larger group, investing in the right items can be the difference between an adequate experience and something memorable for you and your guests. As the host, it’s important to think through the experience your guests will have so everyone has the most fun possible. Your guests are investing time in coming to your event, it’s important that you invest in making sure it’s awesome. Here are some tips for a perfect party.

1. Start by Making Your Guests Feel at Home

Making your guests, and in this case, your family and friends, feel at home should be your number one priority. If you are hosting them during the day, provide your guests with sunscreen lotion depending on the heat. Also, you can put up some sun-blocking shades that will shield your guests from the piercing rays of the summer sun.

On the other hand, if you are hosting your guests at night, ensure you have some bug spray and maybe some citronella candles and mosquito repellant lanterns to keep off mosquitoes as well as other irritating bugs.

Depending on the temperature, you can also go a step further and provide all your guests with handheld fans for cooling or shawls and heating lamps in case the weather is a bit hostile. Have water readily available and make sure everyone has fuel to keep the energy up- plan food for the time of day and duration of your party. Also, make sure the restrooms are in good condition and well stocked with essentials such as toilet paper.

2. Play Your Guests Some Music

What is a party without music? Music is good for the soul and will calm your guests in case they feel tense. Music will also make your guests get accustomed to the mood you are trying to set, which you’d want for the evening.

If you don’t have a powerful music system, you can contact your local AV equipment leasing agency so that you can ensure that your guests enjoy themselves to the max. If your party drags on into the night, then your guests can dance the night away. Even your amazing speakers can benefit from the addition of subwoofers to make the bass really bounce for your party. Want to speak to a large group or sing karaoke? Bring a microphone too! This will only improve what your guests might already consider to be a good party.

However, you should find out what the law in your place says about playing music outdoors and how loud the music should be. You don’t want a situation whereby your neighbors are angry and even call the cops on you. This can be especially catastrophic and ultimately bring an end to the celebrations.

3. Play Your Guests an Interesting Outdoor Movie

Playing your guests an interesting outdoor movie is not as hard as it may seem. You can transform your outdoor space into a movie theater within a very short time. If you don’t have the necessary equipment to transform your space into an outdoor theater, reach out to your local AV leasing agency.

Some of the equipment you need to turn this into reality include a projector, a projecting screen, and a good sound system. Hiring an AV leasing agency for this task is ideal because they will advise you on the equipment that is best suited for your space. If you decide to hire the company, they will even come and set up the entire system for you at a marginal cost.

But if you know your way around audio-visual equipment, you can forego letting the company come in and set up the screen and sound system. Setting up the screen and sound system on your own can help you save a few bucks. But to be on the safe side, it’s better to incur the setup costs, which should be minimal, and allow the AV equipment leasing agency to come in and set up their equipment.

Some ideas for use of your projector extend to connecting video game systems or a laptop for karaoke to be more interactive with your guests.

This ensures that you don’t incur any costs related to damage to any of their equipment. After the setup process is complete, you and your loved ones can sit down and indulge yourselves in a couple of films deep into the night.

4. Hire Some Extra Hands to Help You Plan for Your Party

If you happen to feel that the event might involve a little bit too much work for you, you can always hire a few extra hands in the form of an outside catering company. Catering companies help relieve all the stress you may have related to planning and executing the perfect party for your family and friends.

Before you hire an outside catering company, confirm the company provides clean-up services so that you can avoid the hell that is cleaning up after your guests have left. Suppose the catering company doesn’t offer cleaning services?

In that case, you can reach out to another catering company or get a specialized cleaning service to help clean up after your guests have eaten. Otherwise, you risk having a catastrophic time cleaning all the dishes and collecting trash in your compound. Worrying about cleaning up during the party can really take away from everyone having fun and add unnecessary stress for you as well.

5. Surprise Your Guests with Some Outdoor Games

Summer garden parties should be filled with merry and a time for all the adults to let go and allow their inner free spirit to come out and play. Regardless of whether your party is restricted to grownups only or there are children included, you could always bring in some games that can ultimately help you lighten up the mood.

Some of the games you can indulge in include croquet, corn hole, music chairs, charades, tug of war, hula hoops, sack race, egg race, talent show, family trivia, and so much more. You can also consider karaoke or video games on the projector. To make the games even more interesting, you should have the adults team up with the kids, and the teams compete against each other. This should be loads of fun for all parties involved.

Final Thought

All in all, we all love parties, particularly those that include our families and friends, and are well-planned with plenty of amazing food and activities. When you decide to host a party for your loved ones, plan ahead and invest in making your guests feel right at home. Ensure your entertainment levels in terms of music, games, and outdoor movies are top-notch, and your parties will be the talk of LA!

Make sure that your party is utterly overwhelming in terms of the food and beverages. Also, the after-hour activities such as movies, games, and entertainment should be top-notch as well.

This will make your party the talk of the entire town and have all your family and friends gushing at the thought of being invited to any of the parties you host in the future.

If you need to lease audio and visual equipment for your party, look for a reputable and experienced AV leasing agency that will provide the ideal equipment for your party. You will know the party was a success if your guests laud all your efforts, including the audio and visual aspect.

If you want to learn more about our services, including the AV packages we offer for small or large events, check out our packages page. Also, feel free to contact us via the number 1-844-852-2299, and our agents will get to tell you more about our top-of-the-line services and our rates as well. We’ll make sure your night pops, we got this.

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