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RentForEventLA’s audiovisual production team covers three key areas — audio, video, and lighting — to completely support your brand, vision, and event. Our creative AV solutions guarantee your event will be a memorable experience. Learn more below!


Quality audio production is the most important part of a presentation. RentForEventLA delivers top-notch audio equipment supported by our experienced audio engineers. We take care of everything, from smooth audio transitions to the perfect walk-in music for your presenters. Your audience will hear your message loud and clear, and every show will feel like a professional production—because it IS professional.

Audio Production


Your audience will be focused on the big screens, so you need top-notch support that meets your event’s AV requirements for presenting. RentForEventLA delivers professional video solutions for your event, whether it’s LED, projection, or video mapping. Our expert team knows what you need to create a memorable experience for your attendees.


Lighting is the unsung hero of successful events: great lighting highlights speakers on stage sets the event’s mood or draws attention to your awesome content. Clarity Experiences will design and program dynamic lighting according to your needs. Let RentForEventLA’s professional lighting team put the spotlight on you and your event.

lighting production



Our Services

We are at work, applying our expertise and inventory as a resource for emergency services, including temporary facilities and communications; live streaming and virtual events


*In the meantime we will still be focusing on providing service for smaller private events with smaller groups of people. Options such as Karaoke Systems and Small Outdoor Movies will be our primary focus within the next several months.

Rent For Event LA is equipped to support the spectrum of unique production needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.