TV & Monitor Rentals

TV rentals for trade shows, conferences, & events (24 hour rental prices) 

  • All kind of monitor display rental sizes
  • 43″, 60″, 70″, 82″ 4K HD screen rentals in ultra-high resolution smart tv.

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Planing on renting TV monitor for your next event in Los Angeles or anywhere In Southern California? Most of the time it is perfect solution for locations where projector and screen will not feet or where it is too bright room that projector loosing it’s brightness. On average it will cost you around the same as if you would rent projector and screen. 

TV rentals for trade shows, conferences, & events

  • Monitor display rental sizes from 21″ – 82″
  • Smart TV
  • 43″, 60″, 70″, 82″ 4K HD screen rentals in ultra-high resolution

Most of the time you will ask us what is the daily cost? What is the weekly cost? Does delivery and pick up included? 

  • Yes the prices you see on our website are 24h rental. 
  • Weekly cost might vary depends on the amount of days. Let’s discuss it on the phone we are very flexible. 
  • Delivery and pick up is an additional cost depending on a size of the Tv Monitor and location. (Big sizes requires 2 people to deliver. On average it’s around $100 for delivery and $100 for pick up If it’s just a Tv rental we won’t charge anything for Instalation we will deliver it and set it up and will help you to connect your laptop to a monitor which is nothing if you will compare it with time spent in traffic and then you have to set it up on Tv stand yourself unless you are a studio that has guys on duty).
  • All our Tv monitors come with stands on the wheels that are easy to move around. 
  • If you are renting multiple Tv’s and want to show the same content we will provide you with needed connectors and splitters, HDMI or SDI cords

There are couple questions we always ask on the phone:

  • What size of the screen you need? Make sure you know it.
  • Does your presentation has sound? Will you need additional PA system. Most of the time you will need at least one speaker because sound of the TV might not be enough. 
  • Do you need us to deliver and pick up or you want to pick it up yourself? It’s not a problem if you want to pick it up yourself just keep in mind that monitors are heavy and easy to break. When you doing pick up you are fully responsible and I case of damage you are financially responsible. 

For your convenience, we’ve created some pre-set projector and screen rental packages that can be perfect for certain events. We have different screen sizes and projectors. You can see them below or call us now at 818-484-1288 and we will help you to choose right set up for your event. 

Other event necessities

We are at work, applying our expertise and inventory as a resource for emergency services, including temporary facilities and communications; live streaming and virtual events


*In the meantime we will still be focusing on providing service for smaller private events with smaller groups of people. Options such as Karaoke Systems and Small Outdoor Movies will be our primary focus within the next several months.

Rent For Event LA is equipped to support the spectrum of unique production needs brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.