Every event, whether it’s corporate event or nonprofit event, starts from the vision and has a certain goal. Maybe it is to unite, motivate, educate or raise money for a certain cause, we can help you to deliver your message by using all cutting edge technologies, educated technicians and passionate team of Rent For Event LA.

At Rent For Event LA we can accommodate all your needs whether it is for a meeting or important presentation for up to 500 people. We will find equipment appropriate for your size event. We maintain the very best in Sound, Lighting and Projection systems.. Our team will help you find appropriate product to make sure that your meeting is successful.
At Rent for Event LA we understand that events are critical to the fundraising needs for your nonprofit. We will work with you to meet your fundraising objectives, and we will do everything to support all your technical needs. We will balance the audiovisual needs and the budgetary requirements for our nonprofit clientele.
Depending on the work environment in which an audio and visual service technician is employed, they may be required to work directly with clients and/or performers to determine their specific audio and lighting equipment needs.
Quality live sound events require professional audio engineers and the best audio equipment available today. We can provide both on any scale, bringing your event to life with perfect sounding audio every time.

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Sport Event: LA Lights 2018