Rent For Event LA provides video production services for many events, from conference filming to product launches. Filming your event will capture the highlights and allow you to use the footage as a useful marketing tool for your company, or simply to hold a record of your event for archival purposes.

Video Production


One of the key factors at conferences now is the ability to record key discussions and points, and be able to share this in-house or with potential clients. Our filming service can help you achieve this, and allow you to reflect on important issues raised at your conference, or simply allow you to webcast your footage.

Our team will discuss with you what sections of the conference you want to be filmed beforehand, and if there are presentations you want to be embedded into the final recording then discuss this as an option with one of our technicians. Our filming crew will ensure that all presenters are correctly linked to their lapel microphones, so that sound recorded is of the highest quality. If you also require sound at your event, London Audio Visual can set up speakers around the venue to evenly distribute the sound so the recording will pick up all the important information.

If you decide you would like the entire conference filmed, we are able to set up either a static camera or a panning movement.

Conference filming is a useful tool for online training or for web-based conferences. It is a dynamic way of reaching out to the guest who cannot attend the conference in person. You are able to record and use the conference footage as a means to distribute the information to as many people as you desire.

Our team works professionally at your event. We ensure that our filming crew works around your event so as not to disrupt the view of your audience. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team with experience in setting up conference events and filming them.


Live streaming is becoming more popular, due to it being one of the fastest ways to obtain information. It allows event organizers to connect to larger audiences. The fact that you can connect with remote audiences is an exciting new way for companies to expand their audience or potential clients.

Live feeds are not only suitable for the usual events such as conferences and seminars, but also others like product launches, exhibitions, award ceremonies. The benefits of a live stream are invaluable for any event type.

Capturing content from your event and having the option to quickly stream it onto your company website, is also another way for your audience to tap into the information. Live streaming is also a way to get those who could not physically attend your event, to still be a part of it.

Having a live feed at a large seminar can be highly effective in engaging your audience and ensuring all audience members have access to all vital information. This is particularly important at seminars where maintaining audience participation is crucial.

Where the event is taking place in a large venue across different rooms, a live stream will allow audiences in different areas to access footage from the main room. Beyond this, live streams also allow your event to be broadcast to different locations, meaning you gain more participants for your event.


Depending on your venue size, the set up of the stage at your event may mean that in a large room the main stage may not be clearly visible for all audience members, so using a live video relay at an event when the main stage view is obscured, is a quick and easy solution to this problem. Our team will work around your venue, to strategically place screens with the live feed among the audience members, so all can see and hear clearly the details of the important presentations.

Our staff always work professionally and will blend into your event. We work with you to discuss what you want to achieve and always give the best advice to help your event run more smoothly.



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