Wedding Lighting Rental - 15 Unique Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Wedding Lighting Rental – 15 Unique Ideas To Brighten Your Day

Choosing the right wedding lighting is going to make a huge difference when it comes to any wedding that you’re holding, not just a wedding. The lighting is what sets the tone of the room. It creates a specific ambiance when used strategically. This is important for quality weddings and professionals working them. 

The company you choose to work with should be able to answer any questions you may have. However, if you’re doing research ahead of time, then you can find more information about this type of lighting here.

1. Choose Color Wash

Color washing a backdrop or room can be done when you are using the right lighting for the job. This is where the background is one color and a mix of other colors come in to wash over the main color. There are a number of colors that can be grouped together to create this effect. This is perfect for a backdrop to set the mood of the venue. 

2. Wall of String Lights

wall of string lights Hanging a wall of string lights up inside or outside can really make any event look it’s best. These lights can be brighter or dimmer depending on where they’re placed and why they’re used. They can be used to create the right atmosphere, especially for outside events. Many weddings use these lights for their outdoor or indoor dancing floor.

3. Pin Spots

If you have to put the lighting on something or someone, then these lights are perfect for that. Some of them come with wiring, but many run in other ways without needing a cord. If you are showcasing something during your event, make sure to do it right with the pin spots that help. You definitely are going to want to light up those who are doing toasts for the bride and groom!

4. Uplighting

wedding uplighting Uplighting is perfect for stages or dance floors that are elevated. These can provide the right lighting. Not to mention on the DJ booth from below. This creates a space for the professional, but also offers a great look and feel within the room. Depending on how your venue is set up for the wedding, this can be a nice addition to the DJ booth or dance floor, or even the bar.

5. Line Your Walkways

lighting up walkway Lighting up your walkways can provide a beautiful appeal for any wedding. When the lighting is low, direct your guests in the most beautiful way. You can use string lights, lanterns, floating candles in mason jars, or an assortment of other lighting methods to really make your walkway stand out and put the best touches on your special day.

6. Custom Wall Projection With Gobo

Gobo lighting is great to use for custom wall projections that you want to transform onto the wall. You want to make sure that you have the right shapes ready to go. This could be a great way to put MR. and MRS. up on the wall, or anything else.

7. Line Up Lanterns

Lanterns that provide lines and other wayfinding techniques are perfect for those who want to make sure that where everyone needs to go is known. They are easy to install, do not have a lot of huge wires, and provide a comfortable ambience. These are great for outdoor or indoor tables when the lights are set down low and you want a soft glow across the venue.

8. Spotlight Fabric Drapings

Placing softlight fabric drapings in an event room creates a mystical appeal. This is a great way to create a soft underglow for the room. They’re ideal to use when the lights are lower than normal. Creating the right feel inside the venue can be done with some fairie lights in the drapings, or even outside in curtains around the sitting area.

9. Dance Under A Disco Ball

disco ball at the wedding Disco is never dead, and if you want to add a disco ball to your wedding, then now is the time to definitely do it! You can grab a silver disco ball that creates a mirror shine throughout the room, or you can go with a brightly lit colorful one. This is a great addition to a dance floor at a wedding to create the right feeling.

10. Moving Lights For Fun Dance Party Effects

Having moving lights for party effects is fun, and if you want a bunch of different colors, yes. You can do that too. You can create the best experience with the right lighting effects for the weddings. This is a great addition to help you do that. This is perfect for those who want to have a bit more fun inside the venue. The lights can make the room better for dancing, especially with low lights.

11. Create a Ceiling of String Lights

ceiling with string lights Cover the entire ceiling above with string lights that provide a beautiful appeal. They come in strips that can be attached to the top ceiling of the wedding space. This creates a nice look inside the space that covers all. This gives off a twinkle-like feeling inside the room.

12. Dance Floor Backdrop

A backdrop on a dance floor might be something that is fun to do for those themed parties. It can also provide a way to showcase a special message or other wording for any other type of party. This is perfect for weddings when you want to have pictures taken, or even just to put something fun up to show off.

13. Light Up The Outside

Light up outside with the right lighting. There are many different lights such as flood lights, spot lights, and even motion lights that provide the right security and sight during darker hours. Many people who are getting married enjoy having their parties or ceremonies outside, these are the perfect lights for this.

14. Paper Luminaries

If you need to create the right ambiance and a comfortable, warm, softer appeal with the lighting you’re using then consider paper luminaries. Not only are these beautiful, but they’re also cost effective and great for not having to plug them in. These are great for weddings that go into the evening hours. They are dimmer than other types of lighting but provide a light, comfortable glow.

15. Hang Lights Around Trees

hang lights around tree Make the trees during the wedding stand out. If you want to bring everyone in, lighting the trees would be perfect. String lights can be ideal for this or another outdoor-rated lighting. Again, if you’re having your ceremony or reception outside, then this is a great way to set the mood for the wedding event.

In Conclusion

While searching for the right lighting, you want to make sure you’re purchasing from the right company. This means finding the wedding lighting rental from a quality retailer. That’s why Rent for Event LA is the perfect place to grab your wedding lighting rental in Los Angeles. Contact us today to find out more about the lighting options available based on your needs and events. Your wedding lighting is just a call away!

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