Four Fun Summer Party Ideas

Four Fun Summer Party Ideas

Four Fun Summer Party Ideas

There is no better time of the year better than the summer to throw an epic party. So now that summertime has come around the question you may be asking yourself is what type of party am I going to throw? An even better question is do you want to make it an epic party or average and boring? Fortunately, you can throw an epic party without breaking the bank. Today we are going to share four fun summer party ideas that are guaranteed to blow your guests away.

Outdoor Movie Night

Outdoor cinema with white projection screen

This isn’t usually the first idea that comes to mind when someone thinks summer party outside of daydreams because it’s often considered too expensive to have your own outdoor movie theater. Fortunately, outdoor movie theater setups have become significantly more affordable over the past decade so you can throw an epic movie night in your backyard even if you’re not being paid like a famous actor you can turn your backyard into a movie theater. As a Los Angeles based AV rental company, we’ve helped a lot of people turn the dream of a home movie theater party into a reality. You can learn more about our outdoor movie packages here.

BBQ Party

bbq party

Nothing beats the classic BBQ party, it’s the standard on holidays like The 4th of July. The classic smell of charcoal, spare ribs and BBQ sauce brings nostalgia to many and remains a great way to celebrate the summertime. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot to make a BBQ party happen. Of course, you will need the fundamentals; a BBQ grill, food, speakers and your friends and family but aside from that there is not much more you need to add to make it a great time. Although you could always combine it with another party idea from this list to make a truly memorable BBQ. Feel free to get creative with decorations and themes to give it a personal feel.



A luau is a traditional Hawaiin party and feast with entertainment that includes music and traditional Hawaiin dances. This is a super fun and relatively simple type of party to throw with lots of ways you can get creative. You can add tropical plants, flowers, and decorations to make it feel like you’re in Hawaii. This is a versatile type of party you can use for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations and more. When it comes to speakers, make sure they are loud enough for your guests to hear which will be determined by how many guests you will have and how spread out they will be.

Outdoor Karaoke Party

Time to release your inner pop star…

The great thing about karaoke parties is that they can be done at any time of the year and not feel out of place. What’s especially awesome about summer karaoke parties is that you can comfortably do them indoors or outdoors. Throwing a truly amazing karaoke party is an art in and of itself we have written about before but doing one outdoors adds a small layer of complexity depending on what the weather is like in the area you choose to throw the party. If you are doing the outdoor party in an area where wind and/or rain may be a factor, you may want to consider renting pipes and drapes to keep everyone protected from the weather. The same applies to any outdoor party you are doing with sensitive electronics like speakers, tv screens or power outlets because the cost of the equipment can be high not to mention they can be dangerous when mixed with water so be sure to plan for the weather.

Now that you know some different ways you can celebrate the summertime there’s no better time to get started! Always remember to consider your budget and what you must have first before adding anything extra to your party plans. Consider what you need, whether that’s an outdoor screen, speakers or something else. If you are not sure where to start when it comes to sound systems but know you will need to rent equipment, we are running a sale on a lot of our audio & sound packages you can learn more about here if you are based in California. Always be sure to research the AV company you go with and always consider doing an initial consult first, especially if you want to be elaborate. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that everyone has a great time!


To learn more about the AV packages we offer for events, be sure to check out our packages page or call 1-844-852-2299 to learn more about our services and rates.

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