4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Throwing a Super Bowl Party

4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Throwing a Super Bowl Party There are few days that bring together so many American’s on a day meant to celebrate the victory of our favorite teams from our favorite sport, football. It is Super Bowl season and the time to organize your party has come, are you ready? At Rent For Event LA, we’ve helped many people in Los Angeles and across California throw epic Super Bowl parties. Although they may seem relatively simple, it is very easy to look over some key things that can make your party not so fun. Today we share 4 common mistakes to avoid when throwing a Super Bowl party, avoid these to make your party an epic one to remember. Starting The Party Too Early Starting The Party Too Early The Super Bowl is on February 2nd, 2020 and starts at 630PM EST. However, the pregame shows will start at 1130AM EST leaving 7 hours before the actual main event that everyone came for happens. Everybody loves to party and many people love to celebrate the Super Bowl at parties here in LA and across the country, however, not everyone has the passion, patience and desire to watch 7 hours of pregame shows before a 4 hour game, that is 11 hours total. While throwing an 11 hour party may sound awesome and maybe even remind you of something out of a Mike Posner music video, this is a Super Bowl party, 11 hours is too long. The key is to start your party early enough for everyone to get excited, drink a few beers and maybe even eat a few snacks but not wait too long. We recommend starting your party around 4PM so there is enough time for everyone to get settled in before the game but not end up being exhausted before the game after 7 hours if you were to start a 1130AM. Feeding Your Guests Too Much Food, Too Early Feeding Your Guests Too Much Food, Too Early Having food at a Super Bowl party is a must. Not having food is a mistake we know you’d avoid at all costs however, what you may have looked over is serving too much food to your guests too early. The most common Super Bowl foods are pizza, chicken wings, chips with salsa and some ice cold beers or sodas. You don’t have to go crazy with the foods and create a luxury dinner with lobster, steak and champagne, finger foods that are bite size and easy to eat with your hands work perfectly. Just be sure to not make the food options too messy and most importantly, serve the food in waves starting with light snacks like popcorn or chips then work your way up to the chicken wings and pizza so everyone can eat by halftime and maybe have space for dessert in the 4th quarter. If you feed your guests too much food to early they won’t have space for the dessert and may even feel a bit overindulged which goes into our next mistake to avoid. Offering Drinks That Are Way Too Strong Offering Drinks That Are Way Too Strong Having alcohol available at Super Bowl parties is a common practice that loosens everyone up and allows for great times filled with silliness and relaxation but when the drinks are too strong, it can really stir things up in a not so ideal fashion. When it comes to drink options having hard liquor and drinks available plus disposable cups can turn your Super Bowl party into a college frat party gone wrong, it’s easy for guests to drink too much when cups are disposable and their liquor is mixed with soda or juice. There are plenty of parties to drink the night away too but Super Bowl parties are a different breed that requires guests to be able to function at least enough to watch the game, stay relatively calm and have a relaxed good time. We recommend having drinks like beer, wine and maybe a very small amount of liquor for people to take shots is ideal. Oh and don’t forget the ice, this will keep the party going smoothly and not too crazy. Not Having The Right TV or Projector Setup Not Having The Right TV or Projector Setup There is nothing worse than spending hours getting pumped to watch the Super Bowl with your friends, family and comrades only to realize the TV is way too small and you can’t see anything. A small screen at a party celebrating the viewing of America’s biggest sport game is not the way to kick it off, you need to go big and give people a party to remember. If you are going to use a TV, make sure it’s big, especially if you’re going to have a lot of guests. If you are going to do your party outdoors, just be sure to have the viewing not too early when the sun is out and to have a screen that is big and bright enough to truly project the game, especially in a state like California. The best options are to rent a big TV, rent a projector or if you want to throw a truly epic Super Bowl party outdoors, rent an LED screen. Having the right size screen and of course the actual game ready to stream from your cable provider or online is the main key of ensuring the party goes well. Let your guests see the game in full detail and hear everything loud and clear with solid speakers. Congratulations, you are now officially ready to put on the greatest Super Bowl party ever, the key from here is to make sure you have everything you need, sending out invites and making it happen! To learn more about the AV packages we offer for events, be sure to check out our packages page or call 1-844-852-2299 to learn more about our services and rates.

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